Ferments are having a moment. No longer reserved for holistic hippies (we will always love you) Ferments have certainly crossed a threshold and are now trendy as drinking a turmeric late. Great news for us (come let Kultured make all your fermented dreams come true) but what does this all really mean? Should you be rallying the troops to join the Kombucha Kult?

At the core ferments aren’t that sexy, they are made with living yeast and bacteria, which can result in a whole spectrum of funky smells and flavours. Presently there is loads of talk around their potential health benefits, we just love experimenting with them because of their mind blowing flavours.

Gut health is a very recent phenomenon, with serious medical research on the subject only just beginning. These studies can take up to ten years, meaning that the jury in many peoples minds is still presently out.

What can be said is that there is little reason to fear fermentation, and if done right the likes of a humble cabbage can be transformed into a princely feast!