Kraut-chi is King

Cabbage has gotten sexy. Bear with us. Mix cabbage with some salt, add some spice and a little bit of time and you’ve transformed it from distinctly average to something that everyone wants to get their hands on. Say hello to kraut and kimchi. If only real life dating was that simple!

At its most basic form, sauerkraut is literally salt and cabbage, kept in a sterilised jar and left to do its thing for 3 weeks to ferment. It really is that easy. In that time, naturally occurring organic acids break down the cell walls; which is what makes kraut taste so funky and delicious. Traditionally this fermentation started off as a method of preservation, when we ate more seasonally it was a way of getting vegetables into your diet in the middle of winter. Here at Kultured we make two types of kraut, a more traditional one flavoured with caraway seeds, and then a red jalapeno one, for all those spice lovers. Trust us some kraut and a plate of charcuterie is a marriage made in food heaven.

Kimchi is the iconic food of Korean culture. It’s kind of like the older, sassier sister of kraut. Its bold flavour traditionally comes from a mixture of hot chilli flakes pureed ginger, garlic and onion. It’s also less acidic due to a shorter fermentation process, optimum being 5 days. Not all kimchi is going to set your taste buds on fire however, some are milder and more perfumed, like our green kimchi using green chillies, ginger and garlic. Lot of traditional kimchi’s use fish sauce or shrimp paste but at Kultured we like to keep things vegan, using kelp powder to achieve that same salty sea note. Come in and try it, it’s phenomenal!